1st Quarter Knitting Recap

Instead of keeping monthly tabs, I am switching it up to Quarterly Recaps of the year.

Last year I knit:
5214 yards and 29 skeins

This year I have knit:
3564 yards and 16 skeins
Not too far off the mark.

Finished Items:
Last year, I knit 26. Whoa! What all did I knit last year? 18 hats, 2 adult sweaters, 1 poncho, 1 shawl, 1 baby dress, 1 pair boot cuffs, 1 cowl, and 1 baby blanket.
This year’s knitting consists of 3 baby sweaters, 7 hats, a sleep sack, a shawl, and knitting on a pair of mittens.

img_3048 img_3018 img_3068

img_3111 img_3167 img_3171

img_3176 img_3190 img_3196


So far this year I have purchased:
1693 yards and 8 skeins of yarn, buttons, and 2 patterns which totals $86.03

At this point last year I had purchased:
2201 yards and 10 skeins of yarn, 1 pattern, 1 tool, and loads of buttons which totaled $104.83

My knitting goals are lagging behind last year’s and my no buying is pretty poor too! I am short over 1600 yards compared to last year, and have only spent $19.00 less this year as compared to last. I sure hope getting settled in the house breaks this drought! But then again, I will be so busy getting the house in order I won’t likely feel like knitting!

Hopefully next quarter will be better.


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