More house stuff

Now that it is getting so close I can almost taste it, life is getting fun! Knitting isn’t happening, but it will return some day. After all the window treatments are done most likely.

Today’s find was so thrilling! I have been walking into my drapery finds lately. And this one made me so happy. I went out to get more roman shade fabrics and to narrow down my decision on valance materials. As I tried to match my bedroom valance fabric, which I happily found one day when I wasn’t looking for it, to fabric for a roman shade I happened upon this option.

I CANNOT express how much in love with this combo I am. And let me say, I am not into word fabric, but when I saw the complimentary colors in the two pieces I was thrilled! The top is the valance material, which will be done in this style.

I am still debating whether or not I will fringe the valance, but I do know I will not be doing the contrast at the top. I have a different pattern in storage that I plan to use for the valance, it doesn’t have quite the swagging down the sides. I am not sure if I will be getting more of the word fabric to line the valance or not. Hate to spend $18 a yard for something that is barely seen. I might just get a solid red to match the treatment, a broadcloth or similar fabric.

Now if only I could just “walk” into more matches for the other windows, or even find the fabric/option for the bonus room. Diva Girl is wanting purple accents to her black furniture and gray accessories. The walls are taupe, so I can’t really do full on gray, and finding purple in something I like is iffy. So she may have paper temps for a bit. At least I have some time before she tales up residence. She is in school until the first week of May, so a few weeks after moving in might buy me time. And at that point I might give up and just buy ready made!


8 thoughts on “More house stuff

    1. Even more excited after matching two more fabrics today. The only room I need to find fabric for is the bonus bedroom. With the two story house next door having windows almost exactly in line with ours, Diva Girl would prefer some coverage. LOL

  1. That is a lovely combination! I think a solid red would be good behind as a lining. I agree that 18.00 yrd for a lining is a tad expensive. I will have to share my recent sewing! I have been making needle holders that will hang on the wall to hold all of my knitting needles and crochet hooks. The fabric is cheery and makes me smile and even though I am making them I am happy with how they are turning out. I recently bought a bag pattern and a skirt pattern that I am itching to start on. Have a good week!

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