Settling in

Is going to take a long time!!! But at least we are here, and a luncheon in 2 weeks for Elder will spur us on to getting things done. So far I have 2 window treatments up. One seen in the last post and this one in our master bedroom.

A slightly crooked Roman Shade. Will have to do some work on it to get it level.

I have the 2nd one ready to be put in place, waiting for help with that. And the bonus room shades are next in line to finish. And then, only 10 more to go! Plus 7 valance treatments after that!

Some other shots of the chaos.

Dining room before I moved things in to finish shades. Welcome sign on the porch.
The initial arrangement in the kitchen.

But no matter how I get the insides of a home settled, it isn’t a real home until the family are in it.

These two aren’t too sure about things, especially with all the construction going on.

They are still leery about things and trying to find their new normal.  As are we. The kitchen stuff is put away, but not necessarily where it will live eternally. It’s just in a trial period. And the lack of storage is real. But then mostly it’s because we aren’t sure where to store things right now. Losing an attic is hard! We have a garage attic, but it’s not very big and not yet floored. So the garage is completely packed and will be for a long while.

And now, back to unpacking or roman shade making.


9 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. It’s a lot of work, but I always enjoy the first few months after moving in, when everything is fresh and new!

  2. It’s already looking homey. It will take a while but you will get it done. You took on an ambitious project when you decided to do window treatments but you are doing great and I am sure that they will be done in no time. HUGS

  3. I know you have more you are doing. But it looks good from here! The pooches might be searching for their new normal but they are super cute while doing so. 🙂 All the best !

    1. Thanks. It’s half fun and half horror!!! But the pups are adapting. Tomorrow we are going to see their cousins. After living with them for 6 months they all are missing each other.

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