Saturday Stash #18

The best Saturday Stash of the year. The day our Elder, Jeep Girl, College Girl, became Graduate Girl!!! She graduated cum laude with distinction (with honors) from the University of Indianapolis with a double major, Bio-Chem. She also earned the award as Top Chemistry Senior, in addition to many awards as top presenter for her research.

We are sooo proud of her. She put in a lot of hard work and effort for her studies and research, spending time perfecting her skills in developing Solar Cells. She will eventually have her research published and is working hard to perfect the machine she developed for measuring the effectiveness of the solar cells.

Now we just need to help her get to the next stage, acceptance into medical school. She is taking a gap year after not being accepted this year. But we feel certain she will make it someday soon.

But how did we get from this

Diva Girl on left, Graduate Girl on right

to this

Pepsi 400, Daytona Beach

to this

18th Birthday at Busch Stadium

to this

Celebrating after graduation with her guy.

We are just so thankful for her safety and well being these 4 years, and for the awesome professors she had. It was the perfect fit for her. Way to go Caters!


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