Stash Saturday #19 on Monday


But the good news is still, no stash added. The bad news is still, no stash knit!

But on the house, here’s the scoop:

Graduation day, her cap, our kids

Light fixture up, 2nd valance done-12 to go

3rd Valance ready to hang, more hall decor


Fabric matches for the Master Bedroom windows, Mother’s Day flowers from the Diva

Life is not normal, but it is getting there. Graduate Girl is now going to be Dow Girl. She has accepted a job with Dow in Indianapolis. She will be working in the lab on a contract basis. Hopefully it will turn into a possible permanent position, or she will get in to Med School next year. But it relieves her of that last what now. Right now, a job.

Diva Girl is going through a struggle, so please pray for her. Life is so hard some times. But we are trying to stay positive and helpful.

I am hoping that time will ease the stress of life and I can return to knitting. But that is for when the sewing is done and my parents are moved. Yes, they are moving too! Into a smaller home in the same city. So over the next month or so we are back and forth trying to get them packed and moved. So maybe July life will get back to normal?


2 thoughts on “Stash Saturday #19 on Monday

  1. Hugs sweetie! This time will pass and things will settle into a normal life. It’s hard living with chaos but it won’t last. Your valances are lovely and so is your decor. I bet you are so proud of Dow Girl! Have a great weekend!

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