Stash Saturday #24

Life is so good! Knitting is happening! The house is getting close to done! Summer is here and the pool is open! Not sure what else there is to say.

Stash On Hand: 62,345 yards and 337 skeins
Knitted Stash: 177 yards and 1 skein
Purchased Stash: 426 yards 2 skein
Ending Stash: 62,594 yards and 338 skeins

I failed again, stash was added this week. But for a good reason. LOL, aren’t they all? I had to go to Terre Haute to take Grad Girl to take her MCAT. She is trying to get a better score and applying to more schools this fall. So while I waited the 5 hours for the test, I dropped in on Martha at River Wools. It’s been a long time since I was there, but Martha was welcoming as always. I fell in love with some Araucania Ruca, but really can’t justify more shawl weight yarn! In talking with Martha I was reminded that I haven’t done any charity hat knitting since the move. So I picked up some darling Cozy Soft to make some for both genders.

The Cozy Soft by Ella Rae is really some delightful yarn. I used it for this sweet sweater once upon a time, or two.

But more exciting, another FO. Sure, it’s only a measly pair of Fuzzy Feet, but they still count as a finished object.


I also picked up the vest I have been working on since last Fall, except for the time the extra skeins went missing! But, voila, they magically appeared when we unpacked the house stuff. Even though I had searched every place I could have imagined when the items were still in the old house, I never could root them out. Now I can’t remember where I unearthed them in the unpacking, I am just glad I did.

I just LOVE Alpaca with a Twist. Why oh why did they close up shop!!! So smooth and soft. So weighty, so fine. Just wish I had a house full of it.

And just because he’s sooo darn cute! My nephew Dog Dallas getting lost in the furniture.

 He’s the cutest CockaPoo I ever saw. But he sure doesn’t know how to be still or not chew on your fingers and toes!


3 thoughts on “Stash Saturday #24

  1. Oh I’m so glad you found your vest yarn. It looks great, but honestly this post was a great love of soft things eh? Good stuff. Nephew dog is a cutie!

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