Stash Saturday #25

Today is a glorious day! We are in Cincinnati to see the union between two adorable nuts. What fun it will be. A beautiful Chapel, an interesting Park for the reception, and family to dance the night away with. Perfect.

Stash enhancement happened this week, but not the soft fibery kind. The hard metal kind. I stopped in at Starstruck Studio for some needle tips to add to my Knitter’s Pride collection. She didn’t have the size I was after, but even better, she introduced me to the Hiya Hiya system. I have every size but the 10.5US in a short tip. I wanted the short tip to make a 16″ for those times I need a small circumference. Could have used them on the recent Fuzzy Feet, which are now felted.

So the current stash details are:
Stash On Hand: 62,594 yards and 338 skeins
Knitted Stash: 75 yards and 1 skein
Purchased Stash: 0 yards 0 skein
Ending Stash: 62,519 yards and 337 skeins

In the spending area I am doing much better this year at not spending.
Spending as of 6/16: $235.69
Spending as of 6/17: $134.26

I am at about half of what I was spending last year at this time. Go me! I see in August of last year I spent quite a bit, so if I stay strong through the summer I could come out way behind last year’s spending. As long as babies don’t start popping out all over the family and friends, I can keep to the goal of not buying a lot of yarn this year.

Off I go to dance the night away! Hope your day is filled with laughter, love, and light.


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