Wednesday Whisperings

The weekend was so much fun and I am so sad it is over. We traveled to Cincinnati to see the union of two very adorable “kids”. One I have known all her life, the other she brought into our lives years ago. They are sooo right for each other! We can’t wait to see how their love grows and blossoms into a family.

A beautiful chapel

A beautiful couple

A beautiful venue

We thoroughly enjoyed the entire day and danced the night away. It was all just perfect, family filled and beautiful.

During the ride over I was able to finish a charity hat using the new yarn I got in Terre Haute. A Simple Baby Hat is a perfect template to use. I sometimes change up the brim, as I did on this one, just to keep it interesting.

Ella Rae Cozy Soft Print yarn

And then once that was done, but our car ride wasn’t, I cast on for Steinway with the same yarn. Hoping the pattern will break up the pooling of the variegated. I love variegated yarns, but the pooling just gets me. Hopefully I can get 3 hats out of the skein, 2 newborn and then a preemie. And then turn to the pink variegated and do it all over again? Although that might demand more girly patterns.

So, what’s whispering in your ear this Wednesday? Join in the fun at As Kat Knits


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