Friday Fun

Nothing much to report, but I thought I would show a fun project that I made for my Mom’s kids’ table where she had a tea set out for the grandkids to play with. Bachelor Buttons I believe is the name of this quilt. I have a book of small quilts it was in.

With their recent move and major downsizing, they got rid of a bunch of stuff. I was on the receiving end of some nice furniture! But the one thing I wanted most was this piece. Only, she couldn’t find it. It wasn’t in the play room, and not anywhere she could think of. At one point she was sure she sold it in one of her many garage sales. My heart was broken. Silly to be heart broke over such a small piece, about 18″ square, but I just loved this machine pieced, hand quilted piece. When I made it I would have kept it if the colors had matched anything in my home.

Then the day that they were finalizing the packing she found it in a dresser in another room? Go figure. I must say we did the same thing, finding lost items in inconceivable places! So it was returned to me and now resides on our hallway console amidst things that don’t match it. Oh well, it brings a smile to my face every time I pass. Does a color scheme really have to be in place in ever corner of my house? Considering the canvas above the console and the rug in the room are full blown bright dark Turquoise I am thinking maybe just maybe I need to find a better place for it?

Actually I am thinking of lining my back hallway with the different quilted wall hangings I have made. It’s not a large area, but the smaller items don’t need a far vantage point for viewing. And it would add some life to the boring space. Right now I have 3 pieces that have their own hanging system, so I would need to find a hanger for this one and add a rod pocket. And then figure out how to space them in the hallway to allow for future additions or limit the display?

I think that is what is keeping me from putting the last items on the walls. How to determine where to put them to allow for other items that might be acquired or made in the future. I have 1 large canvas waiting to find a place, 2 mirrors that are wandering around, and numerous hand made items that are lost in the desert called my usable wall space. But then are we ever really done with our homes?

So, how finished is your abode? Show room ready or still in the staging mode?


6 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. That’s a lovely little quilt.

    My home is best described as “eclectic”. I’ve got a design in my head, but not the money to bring it all together the way I’d like. One day it will get there.

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