Stash Saturday #26

Here we are at another Saturday. Am I the only one who feels like this 1/2 year has gone by way too fast? Slow down!!!

Stash On Hand: 62,519 yards and 337 skeins
Knitted Stash: 138 yards and 0 skein
Purchased Stash: 0 yards 0 skein
Ending Stash: 62,381 yards and 337 skeins

Not too good on the knitting front, but excellent on the no-stashing one. At least I have a hat to show for it, and another done, but not photographed yet. I love how the stitch pattern on Steinway created a spiral effect with the variegated yarn.

The pattern is free and easily memorized, until you get to the decreases. Then it’s pay close attention so you don’t mess it up.

I hope your Saturday is going well, I am kicking off a knitting challenge today, so hopefully it will help my numbers in the knit category for this coming month. I have joined the 30 day Challenge. Hoping this gets me back on track. And maybe I will also challenge myself to ride the stationary bike for a set amount of time or distance. Not 30 mins or miles though, I am not in that kind of shape! Maybe increase in distance each day? Who knows, with my usual track record of not sticking with challenges, I doubt I will succeed, but maybe I need to change the attitude? I think I can!!! The best way to accomplish both is to knit while riding? A perfect hat knitting opportunity, small and simple. I know I can!

I just realized that I never shared our recent harrowing situation. On Father’s Day our Diva Girl was sideswiped by a semi, hit and run, on the Interstate. So it was an 18 wheeler up against our girl’s Veloster. The semi won, but thankfully the damage was minimal, however the terror was not. All she remembers is going straight and then not having any control of her car. She had a bump to the head and stiffness, but nothing major, Thank the Lord! So now we are limping along with 1 car in repair and it’s been a challenge, but so much better than being 1 person down. As we sat on the roadside with her waiting for the police so we could file a report, a full size truck pulling a trailer blew a tire, RIGHT NEXT TO US! Talk about harrowing! So we called the ISP and told them we were moving off the road to avoid being hit by cars trying to avoid the blown tire debris. Here’s hoping the future travel on these death traps called Interstates is better for us. Being outside the loop of a major city means we can’t avoid them all the time.


2 thoughts on “Stash Saturday #26

    1. Thank you, we are so thankful knowing it could have been so much worse. Aren’t all baby hats cute!! I am ready to meet the challenge, looking to you for inspiration because you are the Queen of rising to challenges. Your Camp Loopy dedication puts me to shame. 😉

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