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2nd Quarter Recap

From April to June in 2016 I had these stats:
2260 yards and 10 skeins knit
1987 yards and 8 skeins bought

From April to June in 2017 I have these stats:
1083 yards and 7 skeins knit
645 yards and 3 skeins bought

So everything is down in numbers this year. Which is good for the not buying stash stat, but sucks in the knit up the stash stat!

Purchasing costs are also down this year:
2016: $130.86
2017: $48.23
Go me!

The last 3 months have been full of house moving and decorating, so there is something to blame. But to be honest a lot of sitting and doing nothing is happening too! And that trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. Still sitting and doing nothing too much around here. I need to get motivated!

Anywho, the FOs this quarter are few but good ones.



But the real story is this:



That’s 11 Roman Shades and 6 Valances so far, just 3 Roman Shades and 3 Valances to go!

If I had not been sitting around and doing nothing they would all have been done by now. So, back to the grindstone for me. And make time to sit and knit along for the 30 Day Challenge.


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