Day 1, 2, 3 of the 30 Day Challenge

I have been knitting each day so far, but hey, it’s only Day 3, so who couldn’t keep up with that pace! The first day was devoted to the Vest WIP and then the next two were devoted to a new baby hat.

The vest is past the sleeve join and getting quicker with each decrease row.

The stages of the hat: cast on during Symphony on the Prairie on Sunday, and then knit on during the early morning hours and late evening on Monday.

We joined Grad Girl’s boyfriend’s family at the Symphony performance. They go each year and have it down pat. We brought in food and drinks and enjoyed ourselves immensely. I brought pasta salad and these to die for Cheesecake Brownies.


They have a dense brownie base, a luscious cheesecake layer, finished off with a chocolate icing. Absolutely amazing! A friend back home served something similar in her bistro and I have been trying to duplicate them ever since. I have finally found the brownie base. I think I need one right now. BRB

Besides knitting and baking I have been working on window dressings and shopping!! I have very little left now to do to make this house our home.

A new patio table and umbrella!!! A new pillow for my swing to match my new umbrella. The patio is getting crowded!!! Photo taken before we placed the chairs around the table.

New pots and pans in a color that matches my dishes!! And reminds me of a dutch oven my Mom has/had. And the last of the fabric window treatments are in production!!! The one on the left is just awaiting hand work, the brown on the right is now pieced together and waiting the purchase of more trim, I was a yard short in my estimating.

Wishing you all a very Happy Fourth of July!!! May we have freedom forever!


2 thoughts on “Day 1, 2, 3 of the 30 Day Challenge

  1. I got to sit under the umbrella for lunch today. The sun was behind clouds and the temps were not too bad. I doubt we can stand to sit there for dinner tonight!!!

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