And now for some more something completely different.

Still rocking the piecing. I got the look I was going for on the Pineapple paper foundation blocks. But alas, ran out of the blue fabric on the last 2 pieces! Subbed in something that from a distance works, but up close not so much. Oh, well, I wasn’t going for perfection on these. I do love the placement of the colors and the look of uniform fabrics.

Clockwise from top left, 1st version, 3rd attempt, 2nd try.
Picked up some Fat Quarters to make 2-3 more.

I think. The gold is iffy, but the other two would be made like the green/cream and blue/cream and put together in some fashion into a wall hanging.

Then I switched to a completely different pineapple. One that I thought would not be so time consuming. Not sure if that notion was quite true!

I cut 1.5″ squares so the finished squares are at 1″. The piece is about 7″x9″ after adding the sashing. Then I took the leftover strips, from cutting out the squares, and made a striped backing. I was thinking about doing a series of these to make a table runner, alternating the direction of the pineapples down the row so that viewed from either side you would see upright pineapples. But I will have to think on that idea a bit more. And also buy fabric to go with the vision I have of bright pastels, or would that be subdued brights? I am thinking a blue, green, gold, peach, and pink color scheme. Who says pineapples have to be yellow?

Now that it’s machine quilted I need to decide if it is for hanging somewhere or laying on a table/counter in my kitchen? What do you think?


But first, too many other things demanding my time! At least I have been keeping up with the knitting challenge. And the stationary bike challenge of 1-2 miles a day. And the puppy challenge of making sure my nephew dog doesn’t poop one more time in my new house! 4 times in 2 days is enough. He is headed home today so we will see what the finally tally is about 3:00 pm. Do I really want to add a sewing challenge? I guess I do since I ordered this book! 

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