Something completely different continued

This is the item that got me back to piecing. Well, it got me thinking about sewing quilts again. So you would think I would have already made it, right? Well, I need to gather fabrics and determine which direction I want to go with it. I am thinking chartreuse and gray, but then, when I am ever NOT thinking chartreuse! But then I also have been thinking red and navy on aqua. I just love the contrast on this quilt and this quilt. Loving the scrapiness of the first one.

I did pick up these gorgeous fabrics last fall, maybe this is my starting point. Go from cream to gold to yellow-green? The large print would be the outer border with the speckled gray as the background and inner border?

Definitely a possibility. Thing is, I have no gray in my house!

All is not just piecing and knitting around here. I finally have 1 more valance done!! Well, at least the sewing. This is for our family room at the back of the house. It was a misstep at first because I made it too short in width. I guess I forgot the drywall section in-between the windows! So I had to adjust the pleats for the bell portions and reduce them about 1″ each. I think I sewed the pleats 3x before it was the charm.

The gathers sewn at the top are temporary, to set in the pleats.
I will steam them to help them keep that shape.

The next treatment is for my front room, aka, my sewing, knitting, computer room. I have the shades done and the valance, same as this one, cut out and pieced. It will cover a double window, so it involved a bit of engineering to get it wider. Just need to get 1 more yard of the trim I am using on it, miscalculated! I am hoping I can piece the trim together seamlessly and proceed.

So, what’s on your windows?


4 thoughts on “Something completely different continued

  1. Gray is a neutral and should go with anything. I really like the fabric so I say go for it!

    Your valance is gorgeous!! You must have the most fabulous fabric store to shop at. I have plain valances on my windows that my mother made. They’re getting a bit worn looking so I may have to teach myself to make them.

    1. Thank you, I am so pleased with the fabric options I have found locally. To be honest, it’s been JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and a local place, Calico Corners. If you are thinking about valances, I say, Go for it!” LOL. If you have any questions I am a comment away!

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