Commit to Knit: Days 10 & 11

The days are being whipped into shape. I am trying to be faithful to a regimen that allows time for all the fun things. And some of the not so fun things. On the list so far are: drapery sewing, piece sewing, exercise bike, dinner, and knitting. I have identified times of the day which I am likely to partake of these activities. I have set reminders in my phone to tell myself, stop doing what you are doing and see to these items. Is it crazy? Sure. Shouldn’t a grown woman be able to structure her day without reminders. Absolutely! Am I that woman? Not at all.

Having joined the 30 Day Challenge: Commit to Knit, I have found that if I want to accomplish things I need to set a goal and find ways to help myself achieve those goals. One of the loose goals I am working towards is being a healthier me, so I have started committing to riding the stationary bike every day. I am hoping to add mileage as time passes. This week I am trying to transition to 2.5 miles each day.

Another goal is to get/keep my knitting mojo going. I have been committed to knitting each day. Even if it’s only a few rows, at least I picked it up and connected with fiber that day. It is helping to revive my interest in the craft. And it helps that I have hopefully found a great group of knitters to join with each week in our new area.

Day 10: Back to the mindless knit, Cameo Appearance. I was up and down sewing and cooking, so when I finally got to the knitting portion of the day I just wanted easy peasy. Finally changed the cable on the needle to accommodate the growing piece. It was starting to bunch up too much. But I am still miles from the lace.

It’s looking sorta Millennium Falconish.

Day 11: I was stalled on the Drops Vest due to needing a new skein wound. Why I didn’t wind them all in the first place is beyond me. Maybe I should grab every hank in my stash and just wind them over one long day. Nah, I’m good. So I added a bit to the yoke. It seems like I should already be done with the bodice, but alas, I am still chugging through it.
And that’s how I am spending my days here, what’s on your list?


8 thoughts on “Commit to Knit: Days 10 & 11

  1. Your knitting is looking great!
    I really need to add some regular exercise to my day. Just walking the dog around the house doesn’t count.
    You have a good idea scheduling reminders on your phone. I say do whatever works.

  2. Love your shawl. It’s going to be gorgeous when you’re done.
    I admire your commitment to getting healthier. I desperately need to add some movement to my life. My job used to be fairly physical but now I’m at a desk all day. Walking from the car into my office probably doesn’t count as daily exercise.

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