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I have never been a big make-up fan, but there are times a little coverage is good. I don’t have a lot of it, but what I did have was out growing the bag in my purse. So what to do? Make up a make-up bag! I proceeded to think I knew what I was doing and just blindly jumped in.

I was close, but not completely on point. My issue was not dealing with the top around the zipper correctly. Won’t happen again, for sure.

In my past life of sewing project bags, for a farmer’s market, I created a lot of scraps. And not being one who can willingly throw scraps away, I held on to them. One day I sewed a bunch into a strip slab. As I was looking for scraps the other day I ran across this slab and thought, it’s time to do a zippered pouch. I cut a batting piece slightly larger than the slab and then matchstick quilted the layers. Found a piece large enough to cut my lining and with a 11″ zipper I got busy. My slab was trimmed to about 9″x12″ after quilting. I boxed the bottom corners of the bag to 1.5″ and left the top unboxed since I was not following directions correctly! That’s why the top corners aren’t very crisp. But no biggie, it’s just a pouch that will live in my purse and hold my small array of make up. More important, I can now SEE it in my purse. The previous pouch was black and I could never find it!

Next time I am definitely going to watch the tuts again before I start constructing!!

Future ideas for my scraps:
Soup Bowl Cozy
Canvas Pencil Pouch
Camden Bowl
Clip Bowl
Iron Caddy-A pieced version probably
Boxy Pouch

But before all those, my new book arrived!!! Who knows what ideas this will spark. Can you see why I need to have a schedule for my life!!

I want to make all the things!!!


8 thoughts on “Make-Up

  1. I keep my few cosmetics in my purse in the first zipper bag I made. It is full of errors, but I love it anyway. I’ve made a few more and I’m slowly getting better.

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