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Stash Saturday #27

Wow, 27 weeks into the year. That means we are definitely on the downhill side. Wonder how quickly we will pick up steam and before I know it, Dec is here? Anywho, here are the stats for the week.

Stash On Hand: 62,381 yards and 337 skeins
Knitted Stash: 388 yards and 2 skeins
Destashed Stash: 272 yards and 2 skeins
Purchased Stash: 0 yards 0 skein
Ending Stash: 61,719 yards and 333 skeins

Helping the Ending Stash total was destashing. I got rid of more than half of my odd balls from the huge basket in my sewing room. I never had a number on those oddballs, so they didn’t really count, but I did have some lone/paired skeins that were leftover from projects that could find a new home. And a friend who is out of yarn and yarn allowance right now needed a fix.

Best of all, no new stash entered the house!! Fabric and patterns did, but not much. And no, I am not starting a spreadsheet with the sewing info! It wouldn’t be that large, but no way am I getting the fabric stash out and measuring the yardage. I am not that OCD. Well, I am, but I think the laziness would win out. I bought Fallen Cloud, so only $5.66 was spent on the knitting obsession. One look at the shawl and I HAD to have it!

In quilting news, I took the very first pineapple block I made and quilted and bound it for use as a hot pad, not a potholder-not dense enough, in the kitchen. It’s so cute!!!

So, is your eye drawn to the aqua corners or the green sides? I see the green.

I matchstick quilted the piece in a right angle fashion creating pyramids on all 4 sides. They all meet in the center square. The backing is the same fabric as the binding, which is the last row of the green scraps. And there it is in my hot pad/pot holder container on my counter. In hindsight I wish I had added two layers of batting since it’s a fairly lightweight one, but I won’t be using it for high heat items, just for when I have put hot stuff in a decorative bowl for serving. I need to get some yarn for felted hot pads to match my kitchen colors. All I have are reds and greens from my last house.

But that’s for another day! Thursdays at Starstruck Studio I would say.


8 thoughts on “Stash Saturday #27

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I rarely knit with lace weight yarn either!!
    Your hot pad is beautiful-the quilting really sets it off! The colors are my fav combination and it is the color of my kitchen / dining room! lol

    1. Thanks. I have shades of blue in the aqua range, from pale to medium. And the olive-lime green color is all through my house. In every room but the loft. Hmmm, maybe I need to remedy that!

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