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What am I doing?!!!

So, you know how I have been bitten by the piecing bug again? You know how I posted a list of things I wanted to make, not one a quilt project. But then I showed some photos of projects from my new book, and a few were quilted table runners. I had all kinds of things I was planning to make. Yeah, all those things. Did I mention that I wanted to do another Flying Geese? Like this. Hmm, I don’t seem to have blogged about it, have I. Well, I do. So, I did.

And remember that I wanted to do a quilt with an aqua background and showed a few, one being aqua and red, only I said I didn’t want to do an aqua and red one. No, I didn’t. But, I did. You know how it is, you are looking through your stash for something and you happen upon those scraps leftover from that bag making summer, and you just HAVE to do something with that collection of red/aqua scraps.

I took this photo so I could remember the layout, which caused a few changes to occur. That’s the beauty of taking a photo and looking at the piece from a different perspective. You see issues that the naked eye wasn’t picking up. I also used the photo option to determine which background fabric looks best. I picked up these fabrics this weekend, not all of which where for the audition. Numbered 1-8, top to bottom, I considered #’s 2-gray, 3-bright aqua, and 7-soft aqua.

And the winner is………#3!!

Now to determine how to quilt it. I would love to do it on the machine, much quicker! But my machine is finally signaling it’s done after all those window treatments and recent piecing. I am thinking it’s time for a checkup! The 2nd photo shows the backing fabric, perfect! But there’s a surprise on it that I will wait to show after it’s all done. Which could be a while since I plan to hand quilt it! We are headed to Florida soon and I think it would be a great item to stitch on when we are not busy. So a knitting project will go, a shawl in progress, and this quilt top. Need to pull out my quilt stencils and decide on designs. I thought about taking my small Singer machine, but then thought better. LOL




5 thoughts on “What am I doing?!!!

  1. I love the modern prints with the aqua and red or orange in them-I have used them in lots of projects and they look fresh and good-like this one for you! Have good vacation-FL is steamy hot right now-be smart cuz lightening and overheating are real threats; that said-enjoy everything our state has to offer you! ;’)

    1. Me too! The aqua just makes things pop! Thanks. We have a condo in Daytona, been going for 26 years, so we know Florida humidity well!! We are ready for butts in the sand, toes in the ocean! Except my butt is usually in a beach chair!!

  2. I think I’d still take the machine – you never know what mood you’ll be in! Love the backing fabric on this quilt – it is perfect!

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