Commit to Knit: 30 Day Challenge

I continue to commit each day, picking up the knitting and adding rows to the current WIPs. In my desire to get the Drops Vest done I have ignored the Cabled Comfort wrap, so the last few days I have given some attention to it. The vest is now in the collar section which is a ribbed pattern, which is BORING! The shawl is worked in St st with body st increases every 4th row which is BORING! Are you sensing a theme here?

Don’t get me wrong, the BORING knitting definitely has it’s place, but after a bit of BORING, the mind starts to wander, the fingers start to itch, and those temptations creep up on you. And you want to stray!!! And in a way, I have been straying, over to the dark side of sewing. But now the knitting lures are trying to catch me, and I need to stay strong and finish these 3 items before I even let myself get caught.

Fallen Cloud, pattern purchased last week.
Soft Shoulder, I have many yarn options for this.
Piedmont Hat, getting that itch to colorwork.
Snowfling, which I have pattern and yarn for.
Celtic Myths, a long time want.

So, will I resist? Will I cave? What will happen next? Who knows, my track record at sticking with a plan hasn’t worked well lately!

The new county we live in has their County 4H Fair this week. I entered some items into the Open Division. I started doing this the last few years in our former location. I am hoping to join up with one of the Home Extension groups to have an outlet for my creativity and meet some new faces. Tonight I plan to head out to the fair and see how my items “faired”. I am just a stitch!


8 thoughts on “Commit to Knit: 30 Day Challenge

  1. I’ll bet you did well at the fair:)
    When my knitting is boring, and I’m there with Phi, I find something interesting to watch. Yesterday it was Cooked, a 4 hour documentary on Netflix about food. It was pretty interesting but more importantly it got me through a few long rows.

    1. Even watching Netflix doesn’t help. I am just bad at boring. I think it really is the itch to do colorwork, so I am thinking Snowflings just might get cast on soon.

  2. I’ve been boring knitting all year long, LOL! Not sure why but the challenging knits are alluding me lately. At least you are putting in the effort to finish those WIP’s. Those new patterns are very tempting though, especially Fallen Cloud. What a lovely shawl.

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