Girly Girl stuff for Girly Girls

We have 2 great nieces on Hubster’s side, girly girls for sure. Although they do keep up with their big brothers. With my return to sewing I have seen all kinds of adorable purses for little ones. The recent fabrics I purchase included 1 yard each of 2 coordinating fabrics to use for girly girl stuff. Definitely making me a sewing roll from these fabrics. I should have started sewing on that project! But I happened upon this adorable girly bag. So I just had to make one!

And I’m glad I did. What I learned was, the size is too small for me to comfortably sew, so I will be enlarging the pattern. The fusible interfacing I used was too stiff for this bag, so I will pick up something softer for the front/back and just use the stiff one for the side piece. I think the gray lining and trim is not a great match, so I will shop for a red to match the flowers. I think the ruffle needs to be a little more ruffly, so I will cut a longer strip. “So I will” definitely be making more.

I also made a matching wallet to practice the sewing roll pattern. I reduce the size of the pattern so it would fit in the purse. It ended up about 3″x4.5″ once folded. It has 2 open pockets and 1 zippered pocket. The closure is supposed to be velcro, but I went with a button instead. The button was not the best choice because the interfacing is a bit too stiff for manipulation. “So I will” use snaps for the subsequent wallets.

I still haven’t gotten either of the Pineapple projects finished or started! Or the original Flying Geese project. But they all need fabric choices made or purchased, so that’s for another day.

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