ShooFly/Stash Saturday #28

I tried out options for the Pineapple blocks I made. I am out of the green fabric, so no additional Flying Geese can be made from it. With the top left I have 8 leftover geese. With the top right I have 16 leftover geese. With the table runner I would have to make more geese using the remaining 3 fabrics, pink, orange and blue. I can alter the color placement to make up for the lack of more green, but would have to make a bunch more to go all the way round the runner. Or come up with an alternate design on the ends.

Wall hanging layouts

Leftover geese option

Table runner layout

Or I could go with this layout and place the Flying Geese block in the center of the Pineapples.

So, which did I choose?

Number 1?


Number 2?


Or number 3?



Number 1!

Not sure if I am hand or machine quilting this. Will have to ponder that issue. The piecing is not stellar, so why waste time hand quilting? But all that blank space invites a good hand quilted design.

Stash Saturday #28 deets:

Stash On Hand: 61,719 yards and 333 skeins
Knitted Stash: 44 yards and 0 skeins
Purchased Stash: 0 yards 0 skein
Ending Stash: 61,675 yards and 333 skeins

Dismsl showing this week. I know I’ve been knitting, evidently it’s just not been very much.


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