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Bitty Boy Boxy Bags

Not that the Great-Nephews are Bitty, but I needed some alliteration there. I found a tut for a Boxy Pouch and finally got around to trying it out. I followed the instructions except for boxing the corners. I used a different measurement so my pouch is more of a square at the ends. The second one I sewed in a tab at both ends to hold onto as you are zipping the pouch open and closed. For the most part the instructions were good, could have had a bit more explanation of some points, but if you are a knowledgeable seamstress you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Connor’s Gone to the Dogs
And Hank has too!

I am glad the dogs weren’t directional so I didn’t have to worry about placement. I am using what I have on hand, so the zipper on Connor’s is actually an invisible one. Not sure why I had a 20″ inv zipper in my collection? To not get caught ill prepared again I ordered some zipper tape and pulls in a beige color to use on future projects. Plus this pattern, I have wanted to purchase that one for a while now, finally just decided to do it.

And speaking of dogs, I am now grandma to a dog. Our Diva Girl got a rescue Pit/Boxer mix she has named Potato. She always said she would name a dog Potato and she has. We have yet to met the young lad, who is a year and half old. Hopefully he will mix well with our two pups so if we ever dog sit we won’t have to worry. If anything our younger pup would be the issue. He is wary of new dogs on his turf. He isn’t aggressive, just runs off and hides usually, but has been known to snarl when his space was invaded.

Now I am off to hit the beach. We are on day 2 of our vacation, and praying this year doesn’t go the way of last year’s visit. Since I did not have a colonoscopy before heading down to Florida, it shouldn’t. But who knows what else could happen!


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