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More projects to consider

I really need to stop searching through the nets for more sewing ideas. I am already too far behind in my knitting queue, why would I want to have another area to get behind in? But here I go:

The Bia Bag: So cute! And I can see doing it in scraps and lots of contrast. I really like how this one is done.

Round Travel Bag!: How neat would this be for traveling? Or even craft projects? But man, intense project for sure.

Hexagon Fabric Tray: Perfect for loose threads or yarn next to my knitting chair.

Car Trash Bags: Or even as a handy pouch for things you don’t want rolling around. Sunglass case, tissues, pens, and such.

Canvas Duffle: Just imagine all the home decor fabric I could use on this! I have tons of it leftover for sure.

Right now I can’t even consider anything seeing that I am 1000 miles from my machines, one of which is in for repair. I was so close to bringing the back-up with me, but it wasn’t worth it for an 8 day vacation, 2 days of which are spent in traveling. Instead I have pulled out the knitting and gotten some traction on Cameo Appearance and put some rows on Cable Comfort. Cameo is close to the lace portion, yay!! Cable is hardly past halfway. Less than 6 skeins to go now!

Ah, Florida, how I love the beach, but not the sand!!


10 thoughts on “More projects to consider

  1. I’ll bet the view looking out those windows is gorgeous:)
    Your sewing bug is in full fast forward mode:) You’ll have to buy some fabric while you’re away and plan a souvenir project.
    I’d enjoy the beach a lot more without the unrelenting sun. The sand can be washed away but a sunburn lasts and lasts.

    1. Yes, sunburns hold a bad taste for you. My nose and chest have seen too much damage, and father and brother have both had melanomas, so I play it safe with umbrella and sunscreen. I have been thinking I need to visit a quilt shop. I used to go to one every year back in the 1990’s when we would come. And then knitting hit me!

  2. Very nice sewing projects. I’m really partial to the round traveling bag. I need a nice road trip bag to keep my knitting items neater. I like the Knotty shawl but Wow to the cable shawl ! Just gorgeous.

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