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Car shopping

No, not the buying a new car kind, the buying stuff while riding in a car kind! Who would have thought it possible 20 years ago! But what else is there to do when you are trapped in a car for 16 hours?

And when you receive notice of a deal for a charm pack of Kona Solids at .99 you pad that order since it’s $4.95 for shipping anyway. So I got that pinwheel marking tool I need for Twister Holiday and some fabric for the bag I want to make. Feast your eyes on this loveliness.

Bag top
Bag bottom
Bag lining

I will look for some leather handles to finish it off. I think they make a more refined statement than cloth handles.

I learned a new trick for my knitting bag, while riding in the car.

Hangs open nicely and keeps my yarn free from tangling. Just be sure to not tug on it, and no, I didn’t learn that by mistake.

And then you find out you won a giveaway while riding in the car! BEST.DAY.OF.THE.END.OF.MY.WEEK. Hey, I will always take more fabric!!

We made it home in one piece, and after enforced captivity, I can say we escaped unscathed, just barely! Now to play catch up and pick up and grocery shopping!


6 thoughts on “Car shopping

  1. It’s always fun to be away and great to be home, even with the chores that come with home.
    Good for you grabbing a bargain!
    Your knitting trick is perfect! I normally bring a bag that stands and then look at the floor in my husbands car and decide to prop the bag next to me on the seat. It works but isn’t the most comfortable.

    1. Isn’t that the weirdest thing? We love to be away, but after too long we crave our homes. Yup, it was such a bargain I only spent $30!! But I saved sooo much! LOL

  2. You are so tempting me with the fabric and bags. Makes me want to dig out my quilting stuff. I have been weeding out my yarn and making gifts.

    1. You should totally do it. Don’t Donna and Judy quilt when they go to the retreats? I have been working on reducing stash, and then go and buy more! I need to stop knitting so much for others and make what I want for me!!!

  3. Looks like you had a great day what with your purchases and your wins. Lucky you! Thanks for the hint to put the bag handle on the door handle. I’ll try it next time and lock my door, considering my memory….

    1. Our doors open from the inside even when locked! So I had to be very careful to not pull on the bag. I have to say I’ve had a great month!! And maybe a few too many purchases! 😉

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