Have myself a Merry Little Quilt-A-Long!

Today starts a Christmas Quilt-A-Long I am taking part in. Well, I plan to take part. But knowing my track record with knit alongs, who knows how I will fare. Hey, I did “farely” well on the 30 Day Knit Challenge, 28 of 31 days I successfully knit. And ended up blogging 29 of 31 days, completely unintentionally! And I have been riding the stationary bike consistently, having missed no days, and I am up to 3 miles. So riding this high, I am ready to try and keep to another commitment. Yay, go me!

I have pulled out some fabrics to use for the project and will add to these as I feel the need. The fabric needs are kind of loose, open to your own interpretation, so I am not sure where my batch stands. Kind of wished they had stated things in terms of lights, darks, mediums, etc. But I am sure I will have time to change as the blocks come out, every 2 weeks on Tuesday.

The 3 fabrics on the left are the ones they advised to have at least a yard of. The others are fat quarters and will be added to as I see the need. I will add more greens and reds as soon as I get my Twister Holiday squares cut out. I need umpteen million 3.5″ squares for that. Here is the lineup for that project.

I have already cut out the neutrals and fell short 33 squares. So back to get more neutrals in the off white shade to beige I am going for. I also could use more variety in my greens, but will see how far these get me. The pattern calls for 14 shades of green, I have 7. I am thinking I can just double up on my 7, but don’t want the piece to end up too much of the same. I have seen an example which used more red for the “bows” and I am planning to use that idea.

I have started keeping track of my plans in my knitting queue file in Numbers. That way I don’t lose track of my ideas and desires to create. But I fear this new queue just might take over the old one!! Somebody help me!

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