And the littlest Great-Nephew will have his bag/One Monthly Goal

On Hubster’s side we have 5 Greats, 2 GNCs and 3 GNWs, each is just as adorable as the next. They range in age from almost 2 to 6. We don’t get to see a lot of them in person, but see daily photos on social media. Being one who loves to make for others, I am so happy to have these little ones to knit/sew for. And now that sewing is big in my life again, I am coming up with all kinds of stuff to make!

Having made bags for the older 4, it was time to determine what to make for the littlest. I knew he wouldn’t be able to handle a zippered pouch very well, so I thought a string bag would work. I pulled out the remaining puppy fabric and got to work. Roman Shade cord came in handy for the pull strings.

The bag measures about 10″ square.

I just love this fabric, and now I am down to the last of it. I could get one more project out of it, and then it’s gone. Insert sad puppy dog face here. But I am sure I will find something equally adorable whenever I need more kid themed fabric. The bag is lined with an orange crackle print fabric, which is also down to it’s last project. I should just make another pouch and be done with it!

And lest you think the car shopping stopped, well while in the car it did, but only because I had to get out of the car to enter the store. You knew it, more fabric.

The reds because I am trying to match yardage to some projects, the blue Fat Quarter just because the blue/gray combo spoke to me, and no, Nothing But Knit, it isn’t for you, your bag is done and in the mail! But I will say your color preference did make me look. I also picked up some spray basting adhesive to use for sandwiching wallhangings, 2 of which are ready to go as soon as I determine and mark the quilting for them. And the last item is a small rotary cutter, an item the Twister Holiday Tutorial advised to have on hand. I have 3 regular sized rotaries, but not a small one. And with a 55% off coupon, it was not to be passed up.

Joining up with Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal today.

My August goal is to make the top for the Twister Holiday Wreath Wallhanging. I have all the squares cut out and just need to join and then cut again. Crazy right? But it creates such a stunning top that I will go crazy and do what’s needed. I am thinking I will have someone machine quilt this, so it won’t be a complete finish for August, but at least get the top ready for quilting. And then hopefully I can get it back in time for Christmas to display it.

Some greens and another beige were added since taking this photo.


14 thoughts on “And the littlest Great-Nephew will have his bag/One Monthly Goal

  1. I have to say the puppy bag is the cutest yet! Your GN is going to love it.
    Spray adhesive? Obviously I don’t spend enough time in the fabric store. I didn’t even know this was a thing.

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