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Quilting time

The other night the weather was so nice I went outside to hang with the Hubster. He was playing his guitar out on the patio. I should have taken my knitting out there, but I decided to take my Flying Geese top and mark it for the stitching.

Excuse the blueness, not sure if it’s from my cutting mat.

Once I had markings I used a spray adhesive to “baste” the layers together. Wow! This stuff is amazing!! The layers are stuck together well and should not slip or shift while I quilt. The quilting, just how was I going to proceed? I tried to do some machine stitching, but my good machine is in for repair, and the Singer just isn’t up for it. I need to figure out why my tension is crap!

So I turned to hand quilting. I have not done this in sooooo long! I wasn’t sure I even remembered how. I am nowhere close to my old form, but it will come. I can’t say enough about spray adhesive for helping the sandwich stay together! I put the piece in my old oval frame, but the top is smaller than the sides of the oval, so it wasn’t staying taut. I ended up taking it out of the hoop and I am just quilting along without it. The layers are staying together, so no need for the hoop to help keep it set.

In one evening I have almost a quarter of the stitching done. Go me!

Don’t look too closely at that center, it is wonky as all get out! But I am not sweating it, this is just a light hearted piece that will grace a table or wall in my home. Not for judge or jury. I am stitching in the ditch around the geese and will go back into the center and add some lines. Just not sure what yet, but want to fill up the dead space a bit more. Maybe just split the difference between the lines? Or diagonal against the squares? I’ll come up with something. Just eager to get this done so I can move on to the Pineapple top.


6 thoughts on “Quilting time

  1. While I’m reading this, my husband is upstairs playing guitar… it’s not a big place, so I can hear him loud and clear. I love it.

    The block looks lovely and I think your hand-quilting is just fine.

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