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Update on all the sewing things.

I have been working on the Twister Holiday and I am having fun! Not even far into it and….I am now collecting fabrics to make the Harvest version. It will use some Batiks, Grunge, scraps, and whatever else I need. I plan to set out all the fabrics before I start cutting to make sure they are going to work together. Here are the Grunge colors I got in the mail recently.

And here are the charms I got from a recent giveaway. How fun are these!!! I arranged them per patterns first, and then by color family. I can see these becoming patchwork for some bags or something else fun!


Still working on the Flying Geese wallhanging. I am not getting any better any time soon, but still enjoying the process. I am trying to focus on consistency, not stitch size. And man is my finger showing the abuse! Ouch! I need to dig out my thimble and start using it.

I think I am binding this in the aqua, but who knows, it might just get the red carpet treatment.


I am almost ashamed to say how much I have spent on fabric stash recently!! And I just can’t seem to stop. Here is the fabric I ordered for the bag I want to make. And the final line up for the Circle of Flying Geese wallhanging. I am not going to show my bookcase which has been housing all the projects and overflow! I need to create a better system.

The bag fabric is darker than the monitor is likely showing, the phone camera washed out the color. The gold fabrics are lined up in order and ready to start the process of becoming flying geese!

There, I think I have covered all the bases. Now, time to score some runs!!

*I have the cheap Singer sewing well enough, still seems to jump now and then and the stitches get all loopy, but it’s hanging tough. Definitely not sewing anything that requires topstitching until I get my Nina back.


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