Update on all the knitting things and Stash Saturday #30

The vest collar has been seeing time since we’ve been home. The collar will be knit until I run out of yarn. Or reach the 6″ depth called for in the pattern. I am not quite at 4″.

The yarn for Diva Girl’s afghan arrived before we even got home from vacation. So now I have started making squares! I am using the Cascade Knitterati Afghan patterns. This will end with 30 squares, they are up to 18 so far. I have 3 picked out, Blocks 1, 5, 8, and may pick up more as the year continues. But I would like to have this done by November so she can enjoy it as the weather turns colder.


Cameo and Cable have not see any daylight since we returned home. Just too busy with life and sewing to take time to knit on all the things. But they will see more time as soon as the collar is done on the vest. Cameo will get attention on Thursdays when I go to a knit group at a local shop. I bought the yarn there, so try to knit with shop merchandise when there.

Stash facts, OK, if I am honest I should be including all the fabric I have bought lately!!! But I won’t.

Stash On Hand: 63,203 yards and 341 skeins
Knitted Stash: 116 yards and 1 skein
Purchased Stash: 0 yards 0 skein
Ending Stash: 63,087 yards and 340 skeins

Not a stellar week for the knitting, but at least some projects are seeing headway. More sewing than knitting to be honest, but I am just going to allow myself the pleasure of each craft and not make them compete against each other.

I hope you are getting your knit on this week, even if I don’t seem to be!

Help Please!! Which version do you prefer, left or right? I love them both!!

This will be a pillow cover. It is the first block in the Christmas QAL. I am using fabric not in my pull because nothing worked for me with this design. I don’t care for Appliqué blocks in my quilts, so this is just for the doing, and I thought why not make a pillow cover!


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