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Twist It, Baby, Twist It

Twister Holiday is a riot! I am having so much fun with this. Here’s the squares all laid out, except for the upper left side which I had already started sewing. Then I thought, maybe I better take a photo to remember where things go. It came in handy many times!

The bottom row of beige is missing because I couldn’t get it all on the table!

I sewed all the pieces together before sewing the rows together. Here you can see the difference in measurements once you take up that seam allowance. 2nd photo is without the borders that must be sewn on before cutting.


Finally time for the fun to begin! I followed the advice of a You Tube tutorial and started marking them, and then used my 6″ ruler to start cutting them. I used my 12.5″ ruler to keep the pieces in order for the sewing. One row at a time.

I numbered sticky notes 1-14 and stuck them to the ruler. Then slipped each piece under the sticky note to hold it in place during transporting. This system seemed to work well for me. And when something got out of place, I just referred to my photo to see what colors were next to each other. But it actually is very intuitive, just look at the colors of each spoke and line up the two that match.

And once all the pieces of 2 rows were sewn, I sewed those 2 rows together. And repeated that and then sewed the new section to the piece as it grew. This helped me keep in order.

And before long, a top was made! 24.5″ square from 45″ before cutting.

This is actually turned a quarter to the right clockwise from the squares photo above.

After the first few rows I started using the marking device to cut out my shapes. It was less cumbersome since it is only 2.25″ in size. I could see what I was cutting better that way. Halfway through I just stopped marking the top at all and just lined up the markings of the device to the seams and gently cut around. Only once did I come close to making a big mistake. Whew! As of yet I do not see any mistakes in placement, but I haven’t looked reaaall close.

All in all this was soooo much fun!!! I’d do it again, and in fact I already plan to do it again with the Fall version! And this accomplishes my One Monthly Goal for August!


21 thoughts on “Twist It, Baby, Twist It

  1. Fabulous quilt! Congratulations on the finish! I also use sticky notes to keep track of my pieces – they are wonderful.

  2. This is really pretty. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish! Don’t forget to add the link to the link=up to your post.

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