Color, Value, Tint, Shade……Part 2

How can yesterday’s info help you chose colors for your project? Easy. Your phone camera. On my iPhone I can edit the photo to show it in monochromatic. The yarn I ordered for Diva Girl’s afghan has three shades of purple. If I knit squares and arrange them in a pattern, will the colors be perceived as different? You be the judge.


There it is, 3 values of the same color. Light, medium, and dark. So I can be assured that no matter how I arrange the squares, the colors are not going to blend together if placed next to one another. It can be very apparent in this situation, but if I use different colors and place them together, what might happen?

When you put different colors together in large or dense areas you will be able to see the difference, even if values are similar. It’s when we get down to small areas that value makes all the difference. If the values are not in high contrast from a normal viewing distance they will be perceived as the same color, even if they are totally different colors.

These items have the same colors in them. The wide stripes on the hat allow for the colors to be fully represented from a distance. The sweater has small areas of color making up a stranded motif. The star basically looks like it was done in the same color, is that true in real life?

If in doubt about color placement, take a picture! And then set it to mono and see what happens.

For help in putting colors together, check out this post.

Great color tools for crafters are a red or green acrylic square and the 3 in 1 Color Tool. With the acrylic you view your colors through the red/green to determine differences in values. With the color tool you can pull together your project by finding colors that compliment or contrast.

How do you put colors together?

8 thoughts on “Color, Value, Tint, Shade……Part 2

  1. Great post! Choosing colors is one of my favorite things about starting a project. I usually begin with some type of inspiration….anything from images or pictures that I have bookmarked or fabric prints, books or album covers, even flannel shirts! Then I look through my stash and come up with a similar colorway. Love your suggestion of taking a black and white pic.

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