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How many hobbies fit in a room?

As many as you can get in it. Mine is up to 5 at the moment. I have condensed a sitting, sewing, knitting, TV watching, and computer room into one.

Still no valance on that window! Dog shown for scale.

My room redo: The green military chest, my Dad’s, right inside the doorway holds yarn and  leftover project bag stock. The painted chest holds notions. A sofa table is my new sewing table. My cutting mat won’t fit the table so it will live on the computer desk, which no longer holds a computer, and the printer got shifted to a table on the right side of the desk. A cheap coat rack has become a purse stand, which allowed me to clear out a shelf in my bedroom closet and get shoe boxes off the floor.

Since I was moving things around, the craft room closet had to be reorganized to take the bookcase that was in my way.


The 4 drawer carts are now stacked and hold my quilt fabrics and remnants. The bookcase holds books and magazines on the lower shelves, the upper shelf holds quilt/bag projects in individual bags and a fabric basket with odds and ends. I found half of a metal/plastic shelving unit to hold boxes and crates. The hanging fabrics on the upper right are 3 wallhanging tops and all the larger home decor remnants from the window treatments I have made. Can’t throw those treasures away!! They will be used for zippered pouches for Christmas presents.

And that’s my little slice of heaven. Of course we have a 14’x14′ bonus room just sitting empty right now. We planned it for our youngest daughter, but she has her own apartment for school. I could move everything up there, but at this point, I don’t have the energy!!! And then we would have to move all the bedroom furniture down here. Maybe someday. When it could look like this! That’s on Hubster’s Honey-Do list.


8 thoughts on “How many hobbies fit in a room?

  1. I have squeezed a lot of stuff into my studio, but I tend to take over the whole house. My sewing machine is in an unused bedroom, and my jewelry project is on the screened porch! My husband is very tolerant!

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