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I Wish You a Merry QuiltALong

I am taking part in a quiltalong that started this week. The first block is a machine appliqué, which isn’t my thing. But I want to participate so I pulled out some fabric to make just one block, and it was perfect. I auditioned these blocks here the other day to see which version was preferred. FB was pretty unanimous on the closed in version.

I knew I was not going to include this in the quilt along so I decided to make a pillow cover. I used these two tutorials for the pillow. Inserting a zipper into a pillow back. I just love s.o.t.a.k handmade! This is next on the list. Tapering the corners of a pillow. I learned this trick while working with a friend in her home decor studio. She has the templet for marking the fabric, but I don’t want to lay down $40 for that, so I found a way to do it free hand.

The end result…

This next tip is to use a larger pillow form than the size of your cover. Up to 2″ bigger. Between the tapering and larger pillow you will not have dog ears for corners.

Fun idea in the “yes, you can use that in your sewing” category, I plan to make some fabric baskets that are open at each corner. To secure the box shape you use buttons and elastic bands. Imagine my surprise when I learned the bands are hair accessories!! How fun is that? So while grocery shopping I just happened to spy this package.

This mean there will be a bunch of colorful fabric baskets in my future!!

Joining with Confessions and Quilting is more fun today.


8 thoughts on “I Wish You a Merry QuiltALong

  1. Your pillow looks great!! I’m going to remember the tip for getting the larger pillow form.
    Your sewing bug has been infectious. I’ve been pinning beginner sewing tutorials on Pinterest:)

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