Stash Saturday #31 and August FO

Stash On Hand: 63,087 yards and 340 skeins
Knitted Stash: 90 yards and 1 skein
Purchased Stash: 0 yards 0 skein
Ending Stash: 62,997 yards and 340 skeins

My Vest is done!!! I am so happy to have it off the needles, but not sure about the wearing of it. And even though the knit numbers aren’t good, I did get a table runner sewn, but it’s not ready for it’s reveal.

The vest isn’t as long as I would like and the neckline is very loose. 😢 I will wait until the weather is cool and crisp to make a decision whether to decrease more in the neckline. But 6″+ of ribbing to rip out and redo? The other option is to use a crochet chain to tighten up the neck, much more appealing to me. Oh, and I need to put buttons on it. I can’t believe I don’t already have buttons bought for this!! I am usually all about the buttons!

Another FO is actually only 1/20th of a finish. But it’s a start.

Block #5 of the Knitterati Afghan from Cascade Yarns. I will cast on Block #1 next. I am hoping I can get 20 squares out of the yarn I have on hand, but who knows. This block took 80 yards, so that leaves 120 yards for this skein. At this rate I estimate I can get 7 squares per color, x 3 colors = 21 squares! Will I make it? Stay tuned, the answer will be revealed in Dec? Jan?


12 thoughts on “Stash Saturday #31 and August FO

  1. I like the vest. I looked at others’ projects on Ravelry and wondered how the neckline would fit. The crochet chain method sounds like a winner.

  2. The vest looks wonderful. I have used a crochet chain to tighten up a neckline. I needed to do the chain tightly because of the weight of the yarn I used. I have switched to binding off the neck and then knitting up stitches for a collar or even just a rib. It was a Meg Swansen suggestion and works great.

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