Baby Frasier has Cabin Fever

Diva Girl’s friend from high school is expecting in March 2018, so baby does not yet have Cabin Fever from being in mommy’s tummy. But that’s the name of the pattern, so I am going with it! The pieces seemed to take forever to cut out! 12 blocks with sashing and cornerstones meant I had to cut out 144-2″x2″ squares out of the background fabric! I am thinking it’s time to get a cutting system? Or switch to more strip piecing and then cutting. But with using this as a Fat Quarter Contest entry, I wasn’t thinking strip piecing when I was cutting out. I was following the pattern on cutting instructions.

I did reduce my blocks to 9″x9″ since this is for baby. And I plan to make a smaller outer border to keep the size smaller. Hoping for no more than 38″x49″ finished dimensions. I wish I could get it more narrow, but it is what it is. Hopefully quilting will take up some width and length.

The fabrics are just collected from different venues and not a line, although I did end up with the coral and aqua matching patterns, even though they were purchased in 2 different states! Go figure?

The color is fairly true in this photo.

I worked on the blocks a bit on Friday and Saturday, but the major portion of the sewing happened on Tuesday. Once I got in a rhythm, it just flew. Between stops to let the dogs out, investigate the scary wind noises, and convince them we were not being invaded, the sewing got done. Again, I am not used to puppyness right now! Even now they are “grrrrrruffing” at some unseen force of doom outside.

Before sewing the sashing/cornerstones on I laid it out on the dining rom table to audition the block placement.

I already see a change that needs to be made. I don’t want diagonal lines created with the colors, so Row 2, 2nd block from left needs to be rehomed. Which means quite a few will change positions. My balance sense will not allow 2 colors in same row or column, so I will end up rearranging 4 of the blocks I believe. Oh to be so particular! It’s a job.

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