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Knitting Progress, there is some.

After I finished the latest block I was still in the mood to knit, but didn’t want to start another block quite yet. So I grabbed my Cameo Shawl and put a few more rows on it. The rows are taking so long now as I am adding 4 sts each row! I have 24 rows left in the lace pattern and then a bind off. But that is sooo far away, I am not sure when it will ever be done.

The baby sweater doesn’t need to be done under the end of Sept, so I am letting it ride at the moment. I might try to sew up a dress to go under the sweater, if I get a wild hair. I have some cute fabric that would look good with the sweater.

The print on the left would go well with the cream cotton yarn.

It’s been so long since I sewed garments for little ones I am not sure if I can make it fit! I always missed on the sizing when making them for my own kids, I doubt it would be much better sewing for someone who isn’t even close at hand. We’ll see. The desire is strong to just do it!

Our weather has been gorgeous lately! So cool and very much a Fall feeling in the air. So now I need to coral all my decorations and get them put out. I think I have them stuck all over the house. Who knows where they all are. Some in with Christmas stuff, some in my sewing closet, some in the attic. Hopefully after the season is over I can put them all back together.

4 thoughts on “Knitting Progress, there is some.

  1. I think the fabric would go lovely with the sweater, Chris. I say go for it. If you get frustrated or decide you don’t want to gift it, no one but us will ever be the wiser, hehe.

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