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The Circle of Flying Geese are now in Flight

This weekend saw ample opportunity to finish the small wall piece I made from the gray and gold-green fabrics.


I used a photo copy of the top to determine where and how I wanted to quilt this top. It was a great tip I learned online somewhere. Then I watched a ton of Craftsy videos on machine quilting on Labor Day and was ready to attempt it.

I knew I wanted to radiate lines from the center, but still not sure if I am going to leave the geese clean or add stitching to them. At this point, I feel done, so I guess that’s my answer. The back uses a leftover Fat Quarter Batik and 2″ strips to get it big enough for the front. After quilting I trimmed the piece to about 17″ square.

The inner border is stitched in the ditch with the outer border matchstick quilted. I radiated the lines from the corners out to turn the corners. Most all of this was done by eyeballing the direction of stitching and using my walking foot to judge distance. By no means is it perfect, or even close! But you know what it is? Finished!


I am learning to just accept finished as I walk this return path to quilting. I can sit here and put off doing because I don’t feel competent, or I can just do and learn from there.

I need to remember to fold and sew my labels into the binding seam! Oh well, I am still learning.

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