Candy Corn Flower

Isn’t this just adorable!!! I had to make it! I love, love, love my fabric pull for this project. I kinda copied the colors of the original, just kinda.


I wanted my center to be a bit smaller than the original block so I cut my candy corn strips 1.375″ and used my triangle tool ruler to cut the shape. I arranged them on the background before using Heat and Bond to attach them. I cut the H&B 1/4″ smaller all around so I wouldn’t have to stitch through the adhesive. I rounded the three corners to soften the look and then satin stitched using a yellow thread. Once done I trimmed the block to 9″ and then added the pieced strips and corner HST’s. A search through my vintage buttons yielded a black one with curves radiating from the center. I wanted the size to stay about 15″ so I could display it  on this table during the Fall season.


I did change the placement of my framing strips, putting the dark next to the block and the lighter on the outside. I like how it modifies the Churn Dash block.

 The quilting decision was easy, cross hatching for a quick finish! I stitched the first half of the piece and then put it away for the night. Up and at ’em the next day to finish the quilting and add the binding, and, Voilà!


It finished at 15″x15″, but after quilting, binding, and washing, it’s 14″x14″. Perfect. A very Fallish table topper. I just love it! But I do have to admit, I dislike Candy Corn intensely!!! Well, at least, the eating of it.

This photo is from when Jeep Girl was 3 years and Diva Girl was 3 months. The Pooh Bear was a purchased costume that JG had worn the year before. I made the Piglet costume from a pink long johns sleeper, some pink socks, and pink knit fabric to create the chest plate and bonnet. I just loved this combo! Up until 4th grade they were matching du0s for Halloween. Blue and Magenta from Blues Clues, Legos, Daphne and Velma, Lilo and Stitch, Cheerleader and Soccer Player, and many others.

19 thoughts on “Candy Corn Flower

  1. Diann Bottrell says:

    That is cute as can be! And what a good idea to cut the Heat and Bond a little smaller than the fabric. I just recently used Heat and Bond for the first time, but didn’t think to do that, and it was impossible to put a needle through!

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