Bag It 2017 Bag 1

I am playing along with Elm Street Quilts Bag It 2017. What fun this is! I have set myself a goal of 22 bags over the 3 month period, which will be perfect for having a bag as a Christmas present for each of the ladies in my/Hubster’s immediate families. I have fabrics and patterns and zippers ready to go for most all of the items I plan to make.

It started on Monday and I immediately churned out this bag. Wait, I know what you are thinking, that looks nothing like the fabric I posted about on Monday. You are right, when I got going I just grabbed the first thing and the pink was it! It is a piece someone gave me, so amazing I even have hot pink in my stash. I did have a lighter pink piece I got in a fat quarter bundle, so it served well as a lining.


This is Open Wide Zippered Pouch by Noodlehead. There is a chart for 3 sizes here. I made the largest size.

I took the fabric and a heavy felt and quilted diagonal lines in one direction. Then followed the instructions for making the bag. Things I learned:

  • The heavy felt was too heavy and stiff to work with. Especially at the top of the bag when seaming the sides.
  • I should have done the top stitching on the zipper before construction, see the first bullet point.
  • I should have added the zipper tab before construction. It was so hard after because of the weight of the bag and the fact my machine is not inset in a cabinet.

Overall though, I am pleased with the bag and plan to use the pattern for more fabric combos. Future bags will make use of contrast combos on the outside of the bag. For this bag I plan to make a beaded zipper pull to make the bag even more delightful!

8 thoughts on “Bag It 2017 Bag 1

  1. Patricia says:

    Lovely bag! I love that pink! Bright colors make me smile! Great gift idea, too! My daughter has given me so many pouches and bags – and I use them all! Your family will love them I’m sure! Thank you for sharing!

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