Blogger’s Quilt Festival:

This is my entry for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival 2017

Having only returned to quilting this summer, I am light on finished quilts made within this past year. This quilt is one of the reasons I wanted to get back to quilting. I saw A Circle of Flying Geese and couldn’t resist. Flying Geese is one of my favorite blocks! I came across this gray fabric with it’s splattered gold dots and had to have it, along with a goldish green print seen at 7:00 in the clock face. Then I set about to collect other ranges of gold to chartreuse for the geese.

When it came time to quilt it I knew machine quilting would be the thing since I wanted a very dense look to the quilting. I saw radiating lines so tried to fit those lines into the shapes created by the paper piecing. I stitched in the ditch for the inner border and then matchstick quilted the outer border.

I love this small piece, measuring 18″x18″. It turned out better than I envisioned.

14 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival:

  1. Valerie says:

    It’s lovely! I’ve added flying geese to my list of “possibles”. I’m sticking to nice easy blocks until I really get the hang of things!

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