More Fall Here, now that it’s Official!!!

While out and about I came across two more pumpkins that just had to come home with me! Aren’t they cute?

Added to the tables cape

These two “bumpkins” were already in my home!

And because I was very remiss in remembering a friend’s birthday I am hoping this make will “make up” for my faux pas.

On this one I used the background for the outer sashing instead of a different print. I am quilting the piece in diagonals in one direction only and outlining the candy corns. The backing is just a solid fabric pieced to make it big enough to cover. I was scraping the barrel on the black for binding, so it is a scant 1.75″ in width. Makes for a very thin presence on the edge. Another vintage button from my grandmother’s collection makes for great finish! I am so happy I have some of her buttons! I almost hate to use them.

Voilà, a birthday gift is done. I can’t wait to gift it!!

And, full confession here, that’s not all the shopping going on up there. Fabric and sewing stash has been happening again. But for very good reasons!


Zippers for all those bags I am making. A great deal on 25 zips! Pink fabric for a requested bag by a wonderful friend, who just had 2 dirt bag women steal money from her restaurant and her personal items, grrr! Backing fabric for the Vintage Ornament top, which is being sent off to be quilted by a Goddess! And fabric for a Double Dresden pillow class, that had to be rescheduled, at a local shop. Still waiting on some bag supplies I ordered, rectangle rings, bag bottom studs, and magnetic snaps. I need to stop! Or maybe not. It’s just so much fun!!

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6 thoughts on “More Fall Here, now that it’s Official!!!

    • chrisknits says:

      Thanks. I am thinking I could just leave the pumpkins out all year, right? But no, on Dec 1 I guess I will pull out the snowman collection and use it on the table. That would get me through to Feb 1. Trying to not have to redo the table every month!!

  1. Andrea H says:

    Those are such adorable pumpkins that you’ve found. I am sure your friend will love the little gift you’ve sewn. It’s perfect for this time of year. Happy sewing! Andrea

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