Sunday Stash Report


  • On Hand: 62,196 yards/335 skeins
  • Knitted: 74 yards and 0 skeins
  • Purchased: 0 yards 0 skeins
  • Ending Stash: 62,122 yards/335 skeins

Fabric This Week

  • Fabric In: 0 yards
  • Fabric Out: 3 yard
  • Net Fabric In/Out: 3 yards


  • Fabric In: 24.625
  • Fabric Out: 17
  • Net Fabric In/Out: +7.625

This week was good on sewing, not so much on knitting. At least no new stash was bought in to make things worse. I did get quite a bit of hand quilting done on the baby quilt, so there is that. I got to see the baby bump the quilt will be for while I was back in my hometown. We went to our girls’ high school football team’s game where the momma’s little brother still attends. She was so cute talking about how she cries at everything!! Comes with the hormones.

Another meeting I had was with the friend who asked for a small Open Wide Bag, after seeing the one I made for Diva Girl posted on FB. She is a dear friend who has a popular restaurant back home. She fled Vietnam with her family as a young girl and eventually settled in Indiana. Recently two evil witches stole money from her restaurant. It broke my heart because this woman is sooooo giving, she would always donate free dinners to organizations at school/PTA, etc. She is always trying to give Hubster free food! When I dropped it by Saturday, on my way out of town, she tried to give me money for it. I never intended she would pay me for the bag. Our friendship has no price on it. She started to cry. I was taken aback as I didn’t think it was that much of a gesture. Then she told me, the money stolen was in a bag just like the one she asked for. When she saw her finished bag on FB she was overwhelmed with sadness and just wanted her original bag and money back. No way was I taking a dime for that bag. Then she tried to give me food. Same old Gracie!!!

Just remember, we never can know what joy our hand made items bring to others. I hope all these bags I am gifting at Christmas will bring joy to the recipients too.

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Author: chrisknits

A knitter, sewist, quilter, mom, wife, and doodle lover!, but not necessarily in that order. Just ask my family, they'll tell you who comes first. Psst, it's the doodles!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Stash Report”

  1. Your posts are beautiful and rich. Kudos to You for not purchasing anymore yarn. I cannot say the same (chuckle). I’m looking forward to seeing the hand quilted baby cover too. My Grandmother use to hand quilt for the family. I’m missing that. Sorry to hear about your friend’s money bag being stolen. Karma will have it’s way with those two though. ~ Enjoy Your Week

  2. You’re a great friend to be able to give her back her bag at least:)
    Neat you got to see the baby bump! That always urges me on the project and good job on the stash reducing:)

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