Bag #10 Bag It 2017

I am playing along with Elm Street Quilts Bag It 2017. This is bag 10/23.

This bag taxed me to the max. I stewed about the yardage, trying to get enough out of it for another Wide Open Bag from By Annie, but I just didn’t have enough for all the bindings. So I settled for an Wide Open Zipper Pouch, using the 2 outer fabric option in the medium size.

The quilting on this is three rows of stitching set on point at a 45˚ angle. Not happy with the puckering that happened with this. Not sure why this set of fabric/batting didn’t want to play nice. In choosing a block motif for the front I remembered seeing a braid tutorial, so I cut 1″ strips and built a braid.

I wish I had made the braid a little more scrappy, but my OCD* won’t allow it.

*When I say OCD I am taking license. I am not OCD, don’t qualify under the guidelines. But I do have compulsive tendencies when it comes to things being orderly, level, evenly distributed, crooked, off kilter, imbalanced. You get the picture. I have to straighten anything that isn’t right. That’s why scrap style drives me crazy!!! I have to balance colors and shades whenever I piece blocks.

16 thoughts on “Bag #10 Bag It 2017

    1. Thank you. Most of what you see comes from Joann Fabrics, a chain craft store. Some quilters think that is sacrilige! I say, it’s fabric, who cares where it comes from.

  1. The braid looks great and I’m the same about things having to be neat, tidy, organized, symmetrical and the same. I often say I’m OCD, but I’m not really, just particular😂

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