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Give Me Lemons!!! Bag It 2017

I am playing along with Elm Street Quilts Bag It 2017.

And I’ll make lemonade! Give me fabric scraps and a little yardage, and I’ll make beautiful things! And I did, make a beautiful thing. I think it’s my most beautiful thing yet. And that’s why I am keeping it!

Front and back

So, I had a little bit of the yellow print on hand, maybe 5″x30″. What to do? I knew I wanted to make another cosmetic case, but needed a 9″ width of fabric. Enter my piecing skills. I used the 4 at a time Flying Geese method and created 16 geese. 14 were enough to reach the 21.5″ needed for the case. Then I used 2 red panels to get the width I needed.

For the quilting I used vertical lines spaced 1/4″ apart in the red side panels. For the pieced panel I stitched in the ditch around each of the geese and the sides. I love the look this gave on the lining side.

For the zippered pockets I found 1 yellow, 1 salmon, and 1 red zipper and used them with the three fabrics used in the case. Now I wish I had used the yellow zip in the red fabric and vice versa. On this case I altered the pocket sizes to accommodate the folds I wanted. I had the folds break where a flying geese block broke. The bottom pocket is 4″, the middle 5.5″, and the top 5.75″.

For the closure I used my KAMSnaps again. And found out that a hot iron can cause a bit of damage. But no biggie, it’s not noticeable.

The batting used in this case is a little heftier than the cotton I have been using. I think I will switch to that for the rest of my bag making and use the cotton batts for quilting. I’ve also picked up some By Annie’s Soft and Stable to try. I now wish I had used Soft and Stable in my Strawberry Lemonade bag with the same fabrics. It doesn’t hold it’s shape well, but for the most part I just have knitting in it, so it’s not a big deal. Now I can put my knitting notions in this bag and put it in my Open Wide Bag!!

I must say, I think this bag is my best work so far. All this bag making is honing my skills. By Dec I will be ready to tackle this bag, I already have all the materials I need. I just need courage!

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26 thoughts on “Give Me Lemons!!! Bag It 2017

  1. Beautiful!!! You recently made a comment on my blog and you are a no-reply (probably because wordpress and blogger don’t play well together); so I wanted to thank you for you comment to me and if you ever comment on my blog or elsewhere again and never hear back then you will know why.

      1. Thankfully my mom and I enjoy doing opposites- she likes upholstery and fixing/modifying and I like to sew from new:)

  2. Hi Chris,
    I am thrilled to read that you are keeping it! I was just lamenting the other day that I don’t have a single quilted thing myself. I’m changing that soon, and I agree – it is your best bag yet. Smile at it every time you use it – you deserve it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. So wonderful! I too was very intimidated by zippers but in the end my desire for small bags like your cosmetic bag help me overcome my jitters and simply try. You can so make that Miranda bag! You’ve honed your skills and you are ready for it. Thanks for linking this up to Wednesday Wait Loss!

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