Mid January Progress

So, with the challenges I have taken on in the new year I guess I should track my progress.

Knitting Challenge 2018 for January:
1.  Hazel’s Crop Jacket, for a 2nd cousin’s grand baby. Done and mailed, just in time as she arrived yesterday!
2.  Diva’s Cozy, squares for an afghan for the Diva Girl. 1 done, 1 halfway

My Knitting OMG for January:
1.  Finish 2 more afghan squares for Diva’s Cozy. 1 done, 1 halfway
2.  Finish the Cabled Wrap by making it a poncho. Haven’t touched it
3.  Baby hats for preemies. 5 done, 1 more planned

Well looky there, I am actually succeeding at a goal! OK, it’s VERY early one, but each triumph must be celebrated! And it’s easy when you just give yourself a few small items.

My Sewing OMG for January:
1.  Family Passport Holder for our March Family Cruise 3 done, 2 to go!
2.  Baby Quilt Hand Quilting Spent 1 hour quilting on Thursday night, left my basket at my sister’s. Doh!
3.  Table Topper Nothing started, still contemplating fabrics
4.  Scrap Jar Stars  I pulled the top, border, backing, and binding fabric. And that’s as far as I have gotten. 

So, not too bad there, making headway on #2 and almost done with #1. But need to devote the later half of the month to the other two goals. #3 is just to get a top pieced, not a completed runner. But I would like to have #4 completely done by January’s end.

How are you doing on your self imposed goals and plans? I am thinking February will be a scaled back list!

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