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Cruisin’ On The Sea

In preparation for our cruise, in 27 days!!!!, I am making passport cases for all the family going on the trip. I finally decided on fabric for my parent’s case and got it stitched together this past week.


I wish I had some fabric that was a better match for this piece, but I did find 2 mottled pieces that complimented the colors in the design. Just wish I had picked up the darker turquoise when I got these two.

So I plotted and planned where the fabrics would go and started assembling the pieces. In between passport pieces I used my Rhubarb Crisp pieces as leaders/enders. I am slowly catching on to this great tip! In no time at all I had a completed case and now just have my own left to make.

I believe I have enough left of the print to make a cosmetic case from it. I doubt I have enough of the others for the case lining, so it will have to percolate while I find a suitable contrast fabric for it. And also wait until I am out of projects in the queue, which isn’t happening soon! 12 days into the month I have 2 of my Challenge projects underway or half finished. Go me! I just need to remember, there’s less days in the month and I still have a fairly big list. Especially when I cut something out, sew it together, quilt it, and bind it, without ever declaring my intentions to make it. That does cut into your sewing time!

Fabric pull for the Granny Square top I want to make. Bottom fabric is reading taupe, but it’s a gray Grunge. The stripe I purchased as a possible binding has all of the colors plus an aqua. Now I am thinking I need to get an aqua and ditch the upper right piece.

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12 thoughts on “Cruisin’ On The Sea

  1. A cruise sounds wonderful! Your parents will love their passport case:)
    I keep thinking February will be half over on Wednesday. The part of me that dislikes winter is pleased but I have so many things I want to get done and so few days to do it!

    1. I hear that! I still have too many items on my challenge lists for the month to be almost half over!! I need to start visiting that list daily to see what can be worked on. Much better than playing games on my phone!!

      On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 7:12 AM, chrisknitssews wrote:


  2. I love your statement “Especially when I cut something out, sew it together, quilt it, and bind it, without ever declaring my intentions to make it.” That happens to me too. But it does provide some fun sewing of something totally new and unplanned.

    1. Hey, if we can’t have fun with our crafting, they why do it? But then that doesn’t mean I should forget the old for the new every time my fancy is caught. LOl!

      On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 9:26 AM, chrisknitssews wrote:


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