I finally got all the passport cases done and very pleased with the final one, which is MINE!!

I love the outer fabric!! And was so thrilled that I didn’t have to fussy cut to get the map of the US on the front cover. Go me! The interior fabrics are just solids that I tried to match to the print fabric, wish I had actually gotten the scraps on the inside to reflect those colors. Oh well, I still like it.

Now, just 26 days til we sail the ocean blue!!! Cannot wait for this time away with family. Hubster was complaining to my sister that he has to spend his 25th wedding Anniversary with my family. She wasn’t too sympathetic! He will get over it. Considering 2 of my family are his own daughters!

As I was thinking about my last cruise, I was in my 20’s, I wondered if I would be able to win a limbo contest like I did that time. Er, not with the new hip and the other that is likely following the same path as the old one! And my 57 year old body ain’t got what my 20 something body had. Flexibility!

And now I can cross one goal off my list. All the passport cases are done! Next goal on the list? Quilting the Grandma’s Sewing Basket table topper.

Lining with:
To-Do Tuesday

12 thoughts on “MapQuest!

  1. ellen says:

    I LOVE you passport case with the map fabric. Putting the US on there for your cover is such a lovely detail. I am so excited for your holiday. I know you’re going to have a wonderful time! By the way, love the background quilt you took your photos of the passport case on 🙂

  2. DelightedHands says:

    Stellar job on the passport cases-really nice work! The map fabric is fantastic-I am a lover of maps and can get lost looking and dreaming about far away places! Exciting to plan for this cruise!

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