Happy Fuzzy Foot Fetish Valentine’s!

No, it’s not some kind of kinky Valentine’s ritual. Nor is it a love for Hobbit’s, although I do like them. I do not have a fetish for feet that are fuzzy, but Hubster’s BIL does. This is the 4th pair of Fuzzy Feet I have made him, and most of them get worn through. The 2nd pair were shrunk by Hubster’s sister, man was the BIL mad about that!! Now the last pair has been worn through, so this new pair are double the yarn, knit on size 13US needles, and pretty much as to the pattern. I probably should have made them longer in the foot, so fingers crossed they don’t get too short.


The only thing left to do is find a washing machine that is not a front load, as these will really need some agitation to felt up I am afraid. So I am saving the washing for my sister’s house. I just might have to take my own jeans and towels to have something to wash with them.

I must say, I hate knitting with large needles! Gah! All my movements feel so clunky and stiff. I know it’s supposedly quicker to knit an item when it’s done with chunky yarn, but the actually knitting motion is slower for me. There ain’t nothin’ quick about these sticks! But I do love my new Knitter’s Pride Cables!! I got a 16″ and a 20″ and they are soft and flexible. Getting more of these and throwing out the Knit Picks brand.

8 thoughts on “Happy Fuzzy Foot Fetish Valentine’s!

    • chrisknits says:

      Thanks, Happy V Day to you! I hope they are warm, but they are not for me. But I definitely deserve some for myself, so maybe I will make me a pair.

      On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 9:00 AM, chrisknitssews wrote:


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