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A Super Bowl Cozy

We went to a Super Bowl party at the home of one of Hubster’s co-workers. To thank her for hosting us I decided to make her a SBC, cause I have not punished myself enough with the 5 I’ve made. But I wanted to develop a way to avoid all the bulk in the edge. Here’s my method:

  1. Cut outer fabric 10″x10″, or preferred size. This is the fabric you want for the bottom.
  2. Cut inner fabric 9.5″x9.5″, or .5″ less than your outer layer. This is the fabric you want for the inside.
  3. Cut 1st batting piece 9’x9″.
  4. Cut 2nd batting piece 8.5″x8.5″
  5. Follow the instructions for quilting the layers. I join the larger fabric to the larger batting and smaller to smaller.
  6. Mark the darts the same for the 10″x10″ size. For the smaller piece I marked the darts about 1/8″-1/4″ thinner on both edges. Basically .875″x1.875″. Sew darts.
  7. I then trim the darts and press them in one direction, the same on both pieces. This way they will nest better.
  8. Turn the inner piece right side out and place it in the outer piece, matching the dart seams. Sew around all edges leaving an opening for turning.
  9. Turn inside out and press all edges. Top-stitch around the outer edge.

Pop in the microwave with your favorite dish!

I got a crisper edge with this method. I probably didn’t need to go quite 1/4″ less on all the measurements. I will say, getting the darts perfect is a pain, so I ended up fudging when sewing the outer edge. You can tell on the one side of the inner portion, see how it’s wrinkled?

I will refine my method and try to get those darts more precise. I had to sew this one on my cheap Singer*, trying out my new walking foot for it. It worked well and no machine screaming when sewing the rows of top-stitching. Yay! So now I am happy to make more cozies. Next year’s Christmas gift?

*My Bernina stopped picking up the bobbin thread and wouldn’t lock threads as I sewed. After a sleepless night worrying, OK, sleepless because of 4 dogs on my bed, I finally googled it and changed out the needles. It is now sewing again!!!

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    1. She was. But Hubster put it on her desk when she wasn’t there, so when she returned she had no clue what it was or whose it was. LOL!

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