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Saturday Stuff

As I look through my photo files in my admin I find things I never posted online. So here’s a “ketchup” of new and old photos. Click on photos to view them in a larger scale.

Jeep Girl wanted pockets in her PJ pants. This was the best I could do. No way am I taking the seam apart and inserting pockets. I did a cargo style placement so she doesn’t sit on her phone.

I am so glad Hubster is a handy guy and can solve my storage problems. My floor cleaning tools are now stored in the under the stairs closet. And there they hang for the most part. I rarely get them out for quality time.

My new Valentine’s piece got it’s own hanger. I ordered another quilt display bar. I am not sure I like the flat finish so may ask Mr Handyguy to give it a coat of gloss. But the price was great and the service quick!

During my recent travails with my Bernina I decided that it wasn’t the feed dogs, it was the walking foot. It’s had just about non stop use for the last year. So I ordered a new one, a not $100.00+ Bernina walking foot. And completely ordered the wrong one! Sending it back and taking a credit.

So, what’s lurking in your photo files?

On a different note, if you are looking for a way to help others by sewing, check out this wonderful cause.  I need to sew up some of these and send them on.

If you can help others with knitting, check with your local cancer hospitals, they can always use chemo caps. With two friends battling breast cancer at the moment, I am going to try to donate some.

P.S. I think my dreams, or nightmares, are trying to tell me something. Hubster had an affair and also visited a strip club. What have I been eating?

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